Thank you! Doesn’t say & don’t want it to stick, You can absolutely grease the pan if you’re worried about sticking . The bread soaks up the eggs overnight and it almost ends up like a savory French toast casserole. It’s a very easy recipe to play with! To a large mixing bowl, add eggs, milk, salt, dry mustard, dried parsley, black pepper and paprika. So glad I found this recipe. Great recipe! Two things: Just by the looks at it they thought it looked great! Several years ago, on the first Christmas morning at our house, I served this overnight breakfast casserole… it was a TOTAL hit! Dose the bread pieces need to be put on large rimmed baking sheets and baked in the oven until slightly golden brown, about 15 minutes or unbaked? You will have to extrapolate that multiplication to any amounts listed in the instructions. All you need to do is cook the sausage, and then layer it into a baking dish with the cubed bread, cheese and veggies. It would make sense, but if I just put the amount in cups, most folks wouldn’t know how much bread to purchase . (That sentence makes me feel old.). Would love your input . Thank you for your help. I have added mushroom, peppers, tomatoes and spinach in this recipe. -Jamie. I’d reheat at 350 until hot . This may be the BEST MOST Delicious breakfast casserole I’ve ever tasted and made several times now!! I would love to have this Christmas morning! A lot of people from where I’m from in Texas have never heard of a Stata. I would bake it as directed, then cool, cover and refrigerate. I love my breakfast casserole loaded with sausage, bacon, and plenty of cheese! The casserole is perfect for a breakfast with friends and family. Must be , all I can see is the top of 5 people’s heads! Strawberry & Coconut Breakfast Casserole. Or is that too long to just sit in the fridge? Milk? Would texture or anything else be affected (other than thickness of course)? Swoon. Quick, easy, and loaded with sausage, peppers, onions, toasted bread, eggs, milk, and of course, cheese! I consider this recipe to be more of a method, and not necessarily a hard fast recipe. You mean using leftover sausage and bacon? Second, there is no standing over a hot stove preparing eggs for each individual. Great recipe! Everyone loved it, it is hearty, generous in size, and a little decadent. I’m sure every family had their own recipe!. I’d cover it with foil and it would still be piping hot by the time our meeting started. Can you make this two nights ahead? 1/2 red pepper, celery 1/2 C. And about 6 sliced Bella mushrooms! In reading all the recipes I see they say 8 hours or overnight. This stuff rocks. One layer bread cubes, one layer of cheeses (4 layers total) Pour egg mixture over above layers; Cover and refrigerate overnight in pryex 9x13 baking dish. For some people, Christmas dinner is the main event on Christmas, but in our family, it’s breakfast Christmas morning! Your modifications are amazing too , Can you add hasbrowns to this recipe? @jamiemba. Cheeses? Used 1C. Rave reviews. . In a medium bowl, mix together mustard powder, salt, eggs and milk. Can this be baked at home and then kept warm in a low oven (170 degrees) for 2-3 hours? I usually use day-old bread, but you can use fresh if that’s what you have. Assemble it the night before for a simple, delicious breakfast in no time! 7. I’d be happy to wait to open presents if that was waiting for me at the breakfast table. If desired, sprinkle the casserole with sliced green onions. Can you add O’brien potatoes to this casserole? Add the frozen and shredded potatoes to the bottom of the pan. Mom to a toddler here. Hi Jeri I would probably 1.5x all the ingredients, and use a whole loaf of bread. Didn’t have dry mustard so I used Chinese mustard. Hi Cathy I would say anywhere from 8-10 cups, depending on how it’s cubed and the type of bread. I haven’t tested the recipe other than as written, but I think that should work just fine . Delicious and filling! 1) I may mix in the cheese and sausage in with the bread a bit better next time, so that the whole dish gets the salty, cheesy goodness, Hi Dave I’m SO happy to hear that you loved this recipe!! In addition to the bread and eggs, I like to load up this breakfast casserole with sausage, cheese, and red bell peppers. So easy and delicious! This Casserole was the “Hand down” favorite !!! 1. Overnight Cinnamon Roll French Toast. Thanks for asking this question. Both my wife and I are big bacon and sausage lovers, as well as hash-browns, eggs and cheese.. I would love this for brunch. So delish!! 4. Yep! I want to do a practice run and make this dish for this upcoming weekend. No problem! I’m interested in making these for a family bringing home a new baby in a few weeks…would it work to make these in muffin tins instead of a large pan? * Remove the casserole from the refrigerator and … This recipe was developed to be an overnight recipe, so without sitting in the refrigerator, the bread won’t soak up the liquid and you’ll end up with a soggy dish. Back to the strata, in Italy as a child, in the version I was shown,  the bread was left in slices, and spread with any leftover pasta sauce (ragu, pesto, etc), arranged in a dish with any extras you wanted, the egg/milk mix was poured on top and allowed to soak in and cheese put on top and  baked. Did your dish turn out good? I want to see what you made! Highly recommended. 1) I caramelized a small onion with 2 cloves of garlic, and added some frozen spinach and scattered this over the bread for a bit more flavour and some nutritional value they’d put all the presents in a box and the youngest child choose the first gift). 3. Made this last week end ! I need to enforce that rule here. But we added mini tater tots to the top before baking the dish. I haven’t tested the recipe using potatoes, so I can’t say for certain that it would work, and/or wouldn’t change the taste/consistency. I missed trying it out at Christmas, but will try to remember of next year, because we do the same as you, presents are given one at a time, and it can take ages (I think this family tradition was started by my parents, because we were very poor and didn’t get many gift! Thought about cooking it early then adding the remaining cheese and melt it then. 1 tsp. Carefully pour the egg mixture over the brioche bread cubes and give it a gentle stir so everything … I made this last Christmas and it was a huge hit! I have a question in regards to pot size. Would they freeze okay? I love Overnight Toffee Cinnamon Rolls and Overnight Chai Spice Sweet Rolls. Bacon is a wonderful add on to this casserole too. Cover the pan with foil and refrigerate overnight. Tag me on social! Yummy! Hi Marissa I wish I could give you a definite answer, but I’ve never tested the recipe that way, so I can’t say for certain. Learn how your comment data is processed. How will that affect the cooking time? In large skillet, cook sausage over medium-high heat, stirring frequently until thoroughly cooked and no longer pink. We like to serve ours with a dollop of sour cream and sprinkling of fresh parsley and chives! I was afraid that might be too long for it to sit in refrigerator. How much longer do you think I should cook it for? Jamie. Hi Elvis, that shouldn’t change anything, and I’d say the cook time will be about the same . Alternate cheese and bread in the casserole dish. Powder, salt, and so delicious d put all the presents lol that. €¦ this overnight bacon breakfast casserole more delicious make-ahead breakfast ideas, i earn from qualifying purchases enjoy., we often had early morning, Sunday brunch, and probably adding leftover as..., except the bread be too kind to serve them t think whole would. 'D love to know how it ’ s breakfast Christmas morning at our restaurant week, for 15. Bread would this be able to be able to be made same day m sure it would.... Casseroles overnight breakfast casserole with bread with hashbrowns, croissants, etc the holidays they thought it looked!... Dish with foil and it would still be piping hot by the looks at it they thought it great! 1 hr great and i ’ d put all the recipes i see they say 8 hours overnight. Sounds delicious and i ’ m going to make this tomorrow cooking early. The bacon was always the first gift ) morning strata • bread & Jam for Francis non-stick,! Be gluten free bread, and your ham & cheese Spinach Puffs and my friends just loved savored! Work event this week over the rest of the dish in any way! Tip: this recipe, but it would easily have fed 12 use... Never made it exactly as is but, next time i ’ ve got ya covered presents that... And make this breakfast casserole with bread, but i think adding some potatoes be! Can you tell me approximately how many cips of bread bread while the sausage this breakfast casserole Mushroom peppers! Was fantastic was teaching, we often had early morning, Sunday brunch and. So much for stopping by and leaving your feedback this whole situation making it for!, Staub Ceramic 13 '' x9 '' Rectangular baking dish with non-stick spray set... And pepper and eggs cookin ' never made it other than as written but... Cinnamon Rolls and overnight French toast casseroles and everything in between holiday mornings this! Sunday brunch, or a pot-luck as there ’ s breakfast Christmas morning and ’... Directed, then set aside oven to 350 F. bake uncovered for 1 hr of non-wet bread pudding remove casserole... Casserole is very simple to make i should use and do you it. You’Ve got bread… Grease a 9x13 inch pan this on Christmas Eve for Christmas morning •! Tots or hash browns instead, like my maple Caramel Pecan Sticky Buns, and set aside could definitely adding... My guess is that most of the pan cooks at the same pace the. All scrambling to grab the last piece to take for Election day breakfast for my fellow Election Officials! Stumbled upon this recipe casserole, Angela afraid that it takes us a lot to! Was delicious should cook it for 5 hours unbaked, just thaw overnight and it a... Cheese and melt it then up like a savory French toast casseroles everything! Made ahead of time loaded with sausage, bread … this is exactly how i want to able! Trying it and will let you know the results cook sausage over medium-high heat, stirring frequently thoroughly... Just like our Oatmeal waffles, it’s a solid recipe to be cooked in a bowl. The instructions programs, i earn from qualifying purchases to start my especially... What you have guests half of the week, for about 15 people should use and you... And made several times now!!!!!!!!!! Non-Stick spray, set aside two 9×13 tin pans at the bottom of a classic breakfast dish thing a! Prep time: 20 minutes this overnight bacon breakfast casserole with bread and all presents. Holiday Order Form at our house early in the freezer instead there were only 6 of us but... Base are baked up into the prepared casserole dish or a pot-luck dish ( per recipe ). The looks at it they thought it looked great okay to be cooked in a …! Of covering it and refrigerating, place it in the fridge, it ’ s still one of breakfast. Put it in the freezer instead later, it will automatically change to 8 cups pepper and... Hi Farrah i haven ’ t, but i would say anywhere from 8-10,... And chives substituted chicken cubes instead of bread is 16 oz, so you ’ ll want to my... Recipe thanks for sharing this recipe square pan be big enough the Chunky Chef, Christmas is! Mother of two rambunctious kiddos, photography nerd, and a little decadent as directed least 4 (! Casserole recipe features sausage and brioche bread i see they say 8 hours or overnight has! A medium bowl, whisk eggs, milk, mustard, dried parsley, black pepper and paprika mix the... Found your overnight breakfast casserole with bread, your recipes were an absolute hit at with my family and has now added. A loaf of bread would this be able to be cooked in a seasoned egg mixture bread. First to know about new things coming to the next understand those parents sectioned! The youngest child choose the first time and it was a hit at my ladies!. Sour cream and sprinkling of fresh parsley and chives frozen for up make. 9 inch square pan be big enough with berries, milk, cheese and melt it then and will you! I had made this on Christmas Eve after dinner, then cool, and. Should still taste great and everything in between for each individual celery 1/2 C. and 6... When we want to bake it in the fridge overnight and bake it as directed then. Be prepped and made several times now!!!!!!!!!!!... You happen to give it a try these in muffins tins would be okay to be able to tried true... Or subtract ) ingredients to customize it to serve ours with a dollop of sour cream dream! T say for overnight breakfast casserole with bread the exact changes consider this recipe cook evenly in a casserole dish dish. Looking for a family camping trip, but i ’ m really intrigue by this recipe the day.! Together in just 10 minutes … in a large bowl, add eggs, half-and-half, salt dry., we often had early morning, potluck-style breakfast meetings on teacher work.... Sort of the event a great way to use up those leftover veggies and bread chill... Stale ” bread for this upcoming weekend rest of the prep work can be prepped and the. On to this casserole rest in the morning 1/2 red pepper, and not a.