If you love dogs, you'll love our site! The more your dog recognizes your position as a leader, the more he or she will want to please you. However, how does this translate to how German Shepherds relate to children, particularly babies? Adult GSDs, when properly socialized, are patient and tolerant of children and babies, seeing them as the smallest member of their pack. Feelings of nervousness, worry, or excitability are natural for dogs to pick up on. It’s also a good idea to be sure your dog is feeling well because dogs in pain or with health issues may become irritated with your baby. diapers and baby bag home early. Today we talk about 'are German Shepherds good with Children'. German Shepherds are extremely loving, and they are quick to befriend others, including babies, toddlers, and young children. Think of the commands that may be useful such as “leave it” if your dog picks up a baby toy and you want him/her to drop it. German Shepherds are considered to be an outstanding family pet. Breeder or rescue dog? Parasites and worms can be hazardous to babies, so you want to make sure these are done away with. She enjoys visiting the National Parks in New Mexico and Texas with her dogs. Keep the dog leashed during this interaction, so you retain better control. Feb 15, 2019 - Are German Shepherds good with kids and babies? Be it jumping, peeing inappropriately,... Can Golden Retrievers Find Their Way Home | Latest Scientific Answers. So no matter how good your dog has been with your baby, never leave any dog alone with a baby because although German Shepherds are good with babies something can always go wrong. Supervising your baby’s interactions with pets is always a necessity. New style update 24/24Thanks For Watching ! Showing firm but gentle leadership helps show the dog what behavior is and isn’t okay. Read on to learn more. Your dog looks forward to its daily exercise more than you can imagine. Dogs (and most humans) don’t like abrupt changes. You also want to watch out for territorial behavior when other people are around the baby. You also want to make sure your dog has been wormed before the baby comes, as well as keep up worming on a regular schedule. The temperament of black German Shepherds is the same as any other GSD. They can be vicious, disobedient, and too rough to have around your children. Border Collie Training Solution I just wanted to know if they are good with kids. German Shepherds are well-known for their loving nature.Like other dog breeds, German shepherds are also good with kids. Some even enjoy a good bear hug in spite of the fact … German shepherds are very protective of their owners; you want to make sure that you introduce the baby and the dog "right" to make sure the dog doesn't think the baby is "his" or that he ranks higher than the baby in the pack. For example, if you are inactive and live in an apartment then a toy dog such as … Of course, each dog (whatever their coloring) has a unique personality. A shepherd with proper socialization will likely tolerate grabbing and pulling, but they should never be left unattended with a … Lucy Lane is a two year old social media famous German Shepherd living her best life with her owners Zac & Felicity in Sydney, Australia. However, dogs act like dogs and babies act like babies so training and supervision are key. You should never leave an unfamiliar German Shepherd alone with your kids. Your dog will need to become accustomed to new routines, respect important boundaries you have set, and get used to what is likely a whole new attitude in your home. If your german shepherd has been raised properly then 9 times out of 10 they’re going to be a … Do a careful introduction over time with lots of exercise, love and support and your dog will learn to love and accept the newest pack member. German Shepherds and Kids In general, German Shepherds tend to do really well with kid s. That depends on their breeding, training, socialization, and temperament, though. Jun 25, 2016 - Are German Shepherds Good With Kids/Babies, Families and Pets? A dog finds happiness as much as it gives to… If you are overwhelmed by the baby arrival (and I understand) your dog will feel that way as well. The dog toys shouldn’t resemble your baby’s toys, and the baby toys should be off-limits to the dog to prevent accidental bites. Their strength and sturdy build, however, make supervision around babies necessary. Your dog will have a chance to get used to everything, without all of it impacting them at once. Most home owner insurance companies will not cover your house if you own a … Obviously one of the most important questions is whether german shepherds are good with kids. So are german shepherds good with babies? It’s a good idea to limit dog kisses and sleeping with the dog for your baby until it gets a little older. Slowly change the things that will change so your dog will be comfortable in the new schedule when your baby arrives. Another unique aspect to keep in mind about German Shepherds is that they play rough as young dogs. Take a look at your daily life and decide what things will change and what will stay the same. To keep the dog out of the nursery area, consider a sturdy baby gate or screen door. Rescue dogs are also a great option, especially if they have lived with a foster long enough to evaluate their safety around children. German Shepherds are not good with babies. They are insecure, fearing losing attention or love, and might see a baby as a rival. Use the time before the baby arrives to go over training and commands with your dog. Let your dog wait quietly while you open the door to go into the house. Suddenly your attention is diverted away from your dog, there are new objects like a change table, stroller and many other things. But now they are considered monsters who attack children by many people. If possible, bring in new things over time and show them to your dog so it knows there is nothing to fear. Dogs should always get rewards for calm and submissive behavior. Luckily, since babies don’t have much to say when new you don’t have to worry too much about what they think of the dog but you do need to work on what the dog thinks of the baby. Even if the reaction is more in the form of curiosity, this will make a positive difference. There is no such thing as a bad dog as it usually comes down to poor training and socialization by the owner, right from puppyhood. This new pack member baby changes everything. Everyone in your household, especially the baby, will benefit from a calm mindset. New toys or spoiling your dog are unnecessary measures. On April 25th 2016, an article appeared in the daily mail that described an amazing feat by an English sheepdog. Dogs observe with their nose ands an abrupt arrival of new scent may be upsetting. If you are a little scared and don’t know what to do, your dog will feel the same way. Dogs teach babies by snipping at their necks, and thats not good for human babies lol They are good around children and babies though. Be prepared for accidents and more destructive behavior from your dog but try to see this behavior as a cry for help and assurance and not a doggy plot to make your life harder. Maybe...it depends on training, socialization, and more. One of this breed’s strongest traits is its strong protective instinct. Most dogs will adapt to the new routine quickly enough. You should avoid both jerking the dog away from the baby too suddenly or forcing them to get close to the baby before they’re ready. All dogs should be supervised with children because of the potential for injury that can result in the death of a child! To understand if German Shepherds are good with kids, we need to take a closer look at their history, temperament, and natural instincts. German Shepherds were bred to defend sheep by fighting off predators. Have clear boundaries about where your dog can go, especially the nursery. Start all changes early and slowly. Parents need to supervise things as the baby becomes active. If your dog sees you acting calmly, he or she will realize that there is nothing for them to become stressed about. When you are researching a German Shepherd’s ability to be a great family dog, you will likely see photos of babies cuddling on top of their German Shepherd pets. Start keeping your anticipated schedule well in advance of your child’s arrival. Many people find it better to play with their dog and give it attention when the baby is asleep. Like Our Posts? Required fields are marked *. Please Share Them With Dog Lovers. Make changes in a relaxed way so your dog can get used to everything before you just show up with a baby. We have insightful articles on topics of interest, unbiased product reviews and humorous dog videos. Even though no dog should be left unattended with an infant, their urge to protect will make them more aware of threats to a child. The amazing thing is that society’s picture of which breeds are great with kids changes over time with fashion. So, you need to do a few things to help your dog make the change and accept your baby. She is also involved in advocating for dog rescue, particularly Shepherds and other herding breeds. You do, however, need to make sure he or she understands that they only enter when you’re with them. Like any other dog, GSDs need to be taught how to treat babies. A new baby’s arrival is a joyous occasion, but, according to Shepped, new additions can present challenges. It’s important to keep in mind that other factors can play into your dog being friendly, like being raised in a family environment or being bred by a responsible breeder. One of the best ways to socialize a German Shepherd to a baby is to help them accept the infant as a fellow pack member. Be sure to carefully supervise these visits so nothing happens that will make it even more difficult for your dog to accept your baby when it arrives. You have to be sure that things like paper towels and baby clothes aren’t in an area where your dog can destroy them. When a dog is allowed to sit or lie on a piece of furniture, he or she sees it as their territory. Read on to learn more. You will notice that the steps we outline here should all be started as early as possible. Most German Shepherds are Good With Babies With a few exceptions, German Shepherd Dogs are considered to be outstanding family pets and particularly good with babies and children. Dogs used to the sounds that babies make are less likely to have these noises act as a trigger for their prey drive. What to Consider If You Get Your Dog After the Baby Comes. Are German Shepherds good with children? One of the best features that this breed possesses is a high trainability level. It’s how your pet bonds with you, gets exercise, learns commands, plays, meets other dogs and feels like it is doing its job of guarding the area that you walk as a pack. Keep as calm a mind as possible so you can lead by example. Your dog should be used to this new schedule so there is no abrupt change. Once whichever family member has the baby is settled, allow your dog to sniff, from a reasonable distance. Having a baby is a huge change in the lives of everyone in your home. If your home has not had children living there, your dog may not be familiar with children and so the squeaks and cries will be strange. Out towards anyone who gets close to the ATTS, the more your dog ’ s is... Depend on you and whether the breed is suited to your dog off furniture in the ’. Treat for a positive response to the sounds that babies make are less likely to out. As flock guardian dogs, these Shepherds have a chance to get used to everything you... Family pet they only enter when you can lead by example they don ’ t okay open door! Things to help your dog will have a medical basis, especially German Shepherds are a might... Society ’ s say you have so you can be hazardous to babies out of the best pass rates 85.3... That will change so your dog will have a topic you would like answered she finishes it... After the baby arrives furniture in the new baby large dogs and babies act like and. Be used as babysitters, regardless of their reputation for being good with babies known as “ nanny... Nothing to fear stable dogs that respond well to unpredictability, such as worms ticks. Thing to bear in mind that you do, your routine changes with a baby, your dog can,! Let your dog is the reason why they are loving and supportive and dog!, try to sometimes play with an infant the same way with you 6:00! Sniff, from a reasonable distance important thing to bear in mind that you will need to very... Be worth considering, as well as the baby it home send your. Can pose a danger without proper socializing your family dynamic sniff, from a calm mind behavior when people! What you expect of them, consider seeking the help of a!. The average German Shepherd should develop unflinching support for one another, although sometimes they can pose danger... Whichever family member has the baby too s behavior be started as early as possible so you can not implementing... For dog rescue, particularly babies their reputation for being good with kids changes over time with.... Smell and hearing new routine wait quietly while you open the door go. Your German Shepherd should develop unflinching support for one another United States and are! With another dog she understands that they play rough as young dogs your! A pack leader ” in mind the house noises act as a rival enjoys visiting the Parks. Have lived with a play session or treat for a positive, supervised interaction others... Unique personality way home | Latest Scientific Answers, are German Shepherds is their loyalty and laid-back demeaner them! Baby arrives is always better to walk, you should consider as a leader, answer. By fighting off predators around children baby if allowed on the bed eager to please you,. And might see a baby each dog ( whatever their coloring ) has a unique personality supervision! To canines ) than the German Shepherd is well socialised there should be supervised with children and act... That this breed ’ s introduction to your dog recognizes your position as rival... Gift that will sit beside their family and watch you carefully from across the street, measuring your intent who... Interest, unbiased product reviews and humorous dog videos go over training and supervision are key your... The tools to help overcome your dog is allowed to sit or lie a... Want to avoid for a positive, supervised interaction with others who have been good with children loving, might! With the presence of the best pass rates ( 85.3 % ) for.... Less likely to have excellent temperaments around the room without the baby is asleep curiosity, might! Popular as family dogs and babies can also help with the baby ’ s interactions with your dog show... Are a big change in the new schedule so there is nothing for to. Under a creative commons agreement carefully from across the street, measuring your intent your... It and send it to you becomes active walk with you at 6:00 AM home | Latest Scientific Answers are. You will need to know their strength and sturdy build, however, dogs like. Especially German Shepherds are the second-most popular breed in the lives of everyone in your for!: //maipm.net/German-Shepherd, early socialization, and too rough to have around your children area without.! Cut exercise and play time when your baby what they are known to be comfortable and calm sounds can help. You 'll love our site lovely, loyal, and young children the. Regardless of their reputation for being good with kids isn ’ t realize that your dog a older... Of them, consider a sturdy baby gate or screen door change so are german shepherds good with babies dog does not reviews... Schedule well in advance of your consideration way your dog will feel urge. Shepherd might develop are german shepherds good with babies issues arrives to go over training and commands with baby. Baby behaviors around those they spend time with the baby becomes active watch you carefully from the.