If we can imagine, there are many weird places on google earth depicting alien figures or world conspiracy, but none of them is as scary as the Satanic symbol (Sigil of Baphomet) in Asia. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons. Google Earth is the most photorealistic, digital version of our planet. 9 Ways to Tell the Difference. 5. One example of an exploding lake is Lake Nyos in Cameroon, which released a cloud of carbon dioxide in 1986 that killed nearly 2,000 people living nearby in addition to 3,500 livestock, according to the USGS. 7 Lake Karachay The Most Radioactive Lake on Earth. Visitors can travel by boat around the lake, or just sample some of the regional specialties and see the boats and villages that rely on Tonle Sap for food and work. 15 Bizarre Things Happening On Earth Right Now ... this lake contains calcium, magnesium sulfate, silver, titanium, and other minerals. Strange Mysteries Discover unexplained mysteries that defy logic. The actual explanation isn't much less weird than extraterrestrial visitors. Because of its remote location, Baikal is rarely visited by tourists, but it has a huge impact on the local people, influencing their diet and trade, since the ice is so thick through the winter that it can be driven across, says LakeBaikal.org. Lake Hillier (Australia): Even if you scooped a pail of water from this lake, the bright pink color would remain. Cracks such as these don't seem real and seeing it was like seeing something supernatural," he said. Cracks such as these don't seem real and seeing it was like seeing something supernatural, distinct yellow, orange, green, or blue color, a mild sting that it's undetectable by humans, best time to visit the tricolored lakes is during sunrise, fault lines opened up and allowed oil deposits, walk along the thick spots of its surface, monitor the release of gases and even tap into them, more than half the fish consumed in Cambodia. We recognize our responsibility to use data and technology for good. Lake Hillier. Weird Things. Although jellyfish are commonly known for the painful sting they impart on divers who get too close, Jellyfish Lake on Eil Malk island in Palau is home to a more docile species of jellies. It has enough radiation in it to kill a human in an hour, and in 1968, during drought conditions, dust from it and the surrounding shore irradiated half a million people. Tiwu Ata Mbupu (Lake of Old People), Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai (Lake of Young Men and Maidens) and Tiwu Ata Polo (Lake of Evil Spirits) all change colors, from blue to bright green to dark brown or red. Where do the images come from? Nate. "When I saw these cracks, I absolutely fell in love with them and will never forget them. Northern Canada. ... Other Weird Waters. 10. The lake is surrounded by the Heart Lake Conservation Area in which trees are planted every year by students from the local elementary schools. This Google Earth image is an eye-full and a mouthful, as it's an island-in-a-lake-on-an-island-in-a-lake-on-an-island. The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) recommends visiting Gruner See as a way to complete the Altitude Diver specialty, which is when a dive occurs at 1,000 to 10,000 feet above sea level. (MORE: Incredible Underwater Attractions). The 1,300ft-long Lake Kaindy was created as the result of an enormous limestone landslide, triggered by the 1911 Kebin earthquake, which killed more than 450 people. Located in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, getting to the Boiling Lake requires a three to six hour hike just to get there, according to US News. The lake keeps its deep pink colour year-round, which some scientists say is down to high salinity combined with the presence of a salt-loving algae species known as Dunaliella salina and pink bacteria known as halobacteria. In that lake, there a volcanic island. Cold weather spawns dramatic ice caves on islands in frozen Lake Superior. Clearly, this was alien life. This weird-looking, yet beautiful lake is located in Western Australia. Use escape to clear. Oct 3, 2018 - This is weird. Ancient Mysteries Did the ancients fly? This astronaut image of Crater Lake in Oregon was captured July 19, 2006 from the International Space Station. From Australia to Kenya, the vivid hues of pink lakes can be eye-catching and disconcerting. Lake Baikal is one of the world’s largest and oldest freshwater lakes. Thousands of people have driven from miles around for a glimpse. The Henry B. Smith freighter was found in Lake Superior almost 100 years after it sank. How are they they put together? The Lake Hillier, Middle Island, Recherche Archipelago Nature Reserve, in Western Australia, is a saline lake notable for its pink color, April 2011. The steamy hot springs of Beppu have earned it a reputation as a top spot for spa-goers. Lake Karachay is known as the most polluted spot on earth, its amazing beauty hiding the fact that it is the dumping spot for a nuclear waste facility in Russia. A BIZARRE UFO hovering between Earth and the International Space Station was caught on a live camera feed by NASA in incredible footage that lasts over 20 minutes. Visitors to Trinidad can come to the strange, hardened lake and walk along the thick spots of its surface. Thousands have flocked to Wisconsin's Lake Superior shoreline to tour the glistening ice caves. Despite being covered by water, only a tiny fraction -- 0.008 percent -- of Earth's freshwater is contained in rivers and lakes. Take control of your data. The largest of the world's asphalt lakes is about 250 feet deep and is filled with liquid and semisolid asphalt. Yet there is astonishing variety among the lakes the of the world. Another eruption event at Lake Monoun killed 37 people by asphyxiation. I didn’t even know this was a thing but it’s pretty cool. Today, Lake Baikal contains some 20 percent of the earth’s lake and river water, making this Russian giant comparable in volume to the entire Amazon basin. That sounds a long time ago but in the Earth’s timeline, it’s really notIt’sts pretty scary… 9.) Due to their different concentrations of magnesium sulfate, and calcium/sodium phosphates, the mineral deposits, about 25 feet on average, get a distinct yellow, orange, green, or blue color, according to StrangeSounds.org. That's because it isn't a trick of the light: algae give this lake its glossy pink sheen. You will discover an enormous pentagram in an isolated corner of … To start, the impossibly snow-white sand found along its shores is made of 100 percent pure silica, a … According to the Lake Baikal Homepage, the ice on the lake is strong, but daily temperature fluctuations create intricate patterns of cracks and permanent gaping grevaces across the ice. There's a perfect beach for every week of the year. It is located in the Northern Arizonian desert and it only happened 50,000 years ago. Today, visitors and divers flock to Lake Kaindy to enjoy the mysterious but stunning views above water and to discover equally amazing scenery under water. The 130,000 square yard islet of Galesnjak came to prominence after its unusual shape was highlighted on Google Earth. Late last month, former CIA analyst Allen Thomson went poking through Google Earth imagery -- and found something kind of weird in western China. This monster was created by a 150-foot piece of rock that fell from space and struck Earth at 25,000 mph to 160,000 mph. And how often are they updated? By Sean Martin PUBLISHED: 06:38, Mon, Sep 21, 2020 This lake on Dominica in the Caribbean isn't the best spot for a swim if you want to cool down after a long hike. Its "spotty" appearance is caused by the large concentration of minerals in the lake, according to MSN. It's even safe to swim in, but good luck getting there—it's practically inaccessible without a helicopter! Boiling Lake is a fumarole, an opening in the planet's crust that releases gas and steam and is so hot it actually boils the water. Located in Siberia, Russia, Lake Baikal is 25 million years old and contains 20 percent of the world's unfrozen freshwater, says UNESCO. The sediment deposit on the bottom of the lake is more than 4 miles (7 km) deep and many of the fish species that thrive in its waters can be found nowhere else on earth. Lake Baikal is also among the world's clearest lakes. The golden jellyfish are also unique in that they follow a daily migration pattern instead of drifting aimlessly. © Copyright TWC Product and Technology LLC 2014, 2021, Russian landscape photographer Alex Trofimov’s favorite place to take pictures is Lake Baikal, which is located in the southern Russian region of Siberia. But the lake's origins are less fairytale-esque. What was the thing? Some of these crevaces can be several yards wide. In the ocean, there is an island. But in the summer, the lake transforms into a psychedelic, polka-dotted pool, known to have healing powers. It was travelling at about 30,000 mph before breaking up 20 miles above the ground and crashing into the frozen lake in Michigan. The Hoia forest is situated in city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania and is considered to be the world’s most haunted forest. Wow. Now that the problem is known, scientists can monitor the release of gases and even tap into them to prevent an eruption, according to the Guardian. Exploding Lakes - Congo, Rwanda, Cameroon. MORE ON WEATHER.COM: Stunning Turquoise Ice on Ancient Lake. But in the spring and summer, when the melting snow and ice trickle down the mountain, the water rises as much as 10 meters (30 feet) according to the Daily Mail. The landslide blocked the gorge and formed a natural dam, with rainwater filling the valley to create a lake, according to the Herald Sun. There are no more perfect puddles on earth than Lake McKenzie. Toggle navigation. Island in a Lake in an Island in a Lake. Lake Baikal in southern Siberia is unique in many regards. The sunlight is used by the symbiotic algae-like organisms that live in the jellyfishes' tissues, providing the jellies with energy, says National Geographic. A giant earth crack formed under Lake Kleifarvatn which then started draining. Name: Lonar Lake Lat, Long: 19.975887, 76.508549 Location: Lonar, Maharashtra, India Bottom line: An atmospheric scientist explains some weird winter weather phenomena, such as thundersnow, steaming lakes, slurpee waves and why and what’s different about snowfalls on Mars. This remarkable lake was discovered in 1802 on the largest of the islands in Western Australia’s Recherche Archipelago. During the summer, most of the water evaporates and the mineral deposits at the bottom of the lake become visible. According to British newspaper the Daily Mail, salt-loving algae such as Dunaliella Salina produce the red pigment that gives the lakes their bright color. These weird places sometimes look “impossible”, sometimes dangerous, sometimes scary, but despite all that, still can be beautiful.Here are ten of them. Located in the Kazakhstan portion of the Tien Shan mountains, Lake Kaindy features a surreal "sunken forest," with massive spruce trees rising out of its sparkling turquoise waters. The yearly rise in water levels gives divers the chance to see surreal underwater scenery, such as park benches, the roots of trees, and grassy paths. Weird Google Earth Destinations You Can Visit From The Comfort Of Your Couch (31 Pics) by. Did they have unexplainable knowledge of the solar system The six foot meteor lit up the night sky as it streaked over the US nearly three years ago.. Recently searched locations will be displayed if there is no search query. Here are the weirdest things spotted on Google Earth. This blood-red lake outside Iraq’s Sadr City garnered a fair share of macabre speculation when it was noticed in 2007. Google Earth mystery of 'plane in the bottom of lake' is finally solved This is the answer behind the puzzling image as Google finally puts any conspiracy theories to bed mirror Viewing Lago Vermelho lake now will show the lake in its original color instead of the eerie red one that it was a decade ago. 69.793° N, 108.241° W. The only island in a lake on an “island in a lake on an island” located in Northern Canada. Weird and wonderful facts about our extraordinary world--like all the wind patterns on the planet or each country's national dish or the most bizarre rock formations on each continent--are shown visually on world maps, making them easier to understand and amazing to behold. (Image credit: NASA Earth Observatory) Salty or … The lake is also home to the only freshwater seals in the world, and hundreds of other species. On that island, there is a lake. It's a lake straight out of a fairy tale. Only physically fit people should attempt the hike, and the Discover Dominica Authority highly recommends hiring a local guide to navigate the trails. The video shows a bunch of details that don't look like an Earth creature. It is the oldest, deepest and largest fresh water lake on earth. The sea monster looked like a big brown sheet of flesh but had reproductive organs and something that looked like a network of nerves. Nov 14, 2018 - A meteor crater in India. The Earth, our home has a lot of beautiful, amazing locations – and some strange places as well. But years after, the water just reappeared like magic. Lake Baikal is home to a large variety of species found nowhere else on earth and this rich ecology and biodiversity has earned it the nickname “The Galapagos of Russia,” and helped it to be designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. Google Earth Community Forum is full of information which ranges from, but not limited to; history, geography, nature, environment, architecture, military, transportation, beliefs, festivals, huge, unique, bizarre items, current happenings etc etc. Salt Lake County Library Services. NASA Earth Observatory/Joshua Stevens. The worlds of diving and hiking collide at this underwater forest in Austria. This article was originally published October 12, 2014 and updated March 15, 2016. When the mountain snow is frozen in the winter, the area is used mainly by hikers since it's almost entirely dry. Sometimes called the "Eight Hells of Beppu," a tour through the area can include visits to Chi-no-ik-jigoku, where the water is red from melted clay, and Umi-jigoku, where the hot water is bright blue, says the Japan National Tourism Organization. The lake is known for not only its size, but also its remarkably crystal clear water and biodiversity. The best time to visit the tricolored lakes is during sunrise, which means waking up as early as 3:30, says Discover Asean. The lake was created in the process of subduction, when fault lines opened up and allowed oil deposits to rise and collect in a volcanic crater, reported USA Today. Gruner See (which translates to "Green Lake") in Tragoess, Austria, rests at the edge of the Hochschwab mountains. One unique cluster of lakes is found in the craters of Mount Kelimutu on the Indonesian island of Flores. Type at least three characters to start auto complete. Although they give no warning before occurring, the limnic eruptions that gave exploding lakes their dangerous eruptions have lethal effects. Democratic Republic of the Congo | Français, State of Vatican City (Holy See) | Italiano, blocked the gorge and formed a natural dam, ice on the lake is strong, but daily temperature fluctuations create intricate patterns of cracks, When I saw these cracks, I absolutely fell in love with them and will never forget them. Visit the Spotted Lake, located near Osoyoos in British Columbia, Canada, during fall and it will look like any small body of water. This large Asian river has an unusual trait that makes the region around it extremely fertile: during the monsoon season, so much rain pours down that the Mekong River forces the Tonle Sap River to flow backwards and expand the Tonle Sap Lake to five times its normal size, reported NPR. (Alex El Barto Trofimov), Jaw-Dropping Satellite Images That Will Define 2020, Emotional Pet Owner Reunited With Pooch Missing in the Elements for Two Months, Bicyclist Nearly Swallowed by Lakeshore Waves in Chicago, Cold or Flu? The third of the world's exploding lakes is Lake Kivu in Rwanda, and it has the potential to be lethal, especially since it's much larger than the other two lakes which have already experienced limnic eruptions, reported Fast Company.