Go to Parts and Accessories. 4. When you connect the camera to the computer for the first time, the procedure for recognizing the camera may start automatically on the computer. Then set your camera to Auto mode. If your camera has a local area connection as well, you can connect an Ethernet cable with an active Internet signal to the network port on the back of your security camera. Get a strong network that won’t stop connecting or disconnect your video anyway. Connect the camera to the computer using the supplied or built-in USB cable. Connect your iPad’s wifi to your camera, using the instructions on the screen. If you connect the product to your computer using the micro USB cable when [USB Power Supply] is set to [On] , power is supplied from your computer. Controlling your Sony camera with a computer, tablet, or smartphone is easier than you might think. On most Sony cameras the wifi password is not shown by default. My new Sony DSC-WX200 camera wouldn't send pics to my desktop with wifi.When I try to "Send To Computer" in the camera menu it tries for about 2 minutes then I get the messege... "Connected to the access point. Wi-Fi Enabled SD Cards Are the Secret Sauce. Insert the software CD that came with your wireless security camera. Check if the operating system of your computer has been upgraded as operations are not guaranteed in an upgraded environment. 3. 2. Plug your camera into your computer using your USB cable. It does the main duty indeed. Ensure the USB cable is properly plugged into the terminal of the camera and the computer. Use of a USB cable made by another manufacturer may prevent authentication or importation of images. Importing images to a computer using Wi-Fi (Cyber-shot) Importing images to a computer using Wi-Fi (Handycam) Importing images to a computer using Wi-Fi (α) NOTE: Not all cameras have Wi-Fi capability. USB Cable: A USB cable will connect the camcorder with your pc. Wait until the procedure is finished. Install the software and then launch the camera administration program. I've followed all the steps in the manual and the PlayMemories Home Help Guide. To see if your camera has Wi-Fi, consult the instruction manual supplied with your product. Cannot connect to the computer to be saved". Internet Connection: To go live you need a broadcast internet connection. NOTE: For models that connect via the USB cradle or the Cyber-shot® Station, check the connection of the USB cradle as well. An increasing number of digital cameras ship with built-in Wi-Fi support that makes it easy to wirelessly transfer your photos from your camera to your local network for storage, post-processing, uploading to social media, or all of the above—no tethering your camera to your computer or pulling the SD card required. Your pc and camcorder have the USB port to connect them in between. Here you need a pc too. Log on to your PC. Replacement USB cables and other accessories can be ordered. This quick tutorial from the good folks over at Sony's 4K YouTube channel and the Sony Motion Picture Center (an awesome resources which we just covered in-depth) shows you how it's done on Sony's dedicated cinema cameras like the FS7, F5, and F55: Applicable Products and Categories of This Article You can import pictures and videos recorded with your camera by connecting it to your computer using your Wi-Fi service. How to transfer pictures and videos using a Wi-Fi connection to a computer with the Windows operating system. Connect the camera to the computer's USB port directly. You can show it by pressing the Trash button (while on the wifi start screen of the Smart Remote app) Start Wifibooth on the iPad, and choose Built-In Wifi Connect the camera and computer using your USB cable.