We work from home so we were able to have him on a washable material puppy pad, which helped with cleanup. I do plan on getting him a check up soon. Most of these are treatable. All of my pugs developed “the cough”. So, put water on to boil and add a few leaves of these plants. Not sure if there is any actual science in that, haha. Instead, he gave us a cough suppressant. In dogs and cats this material is usually swallowed, but it can occasionally be expectorated to the exterior. In our Benji’s case it feels worse because he also has cataracts and needs a lot of reassurance that he’s not being left on his own. wondering what i should could do. The most common natural remedy for dogs with a kennel cough, or canine tracheobronchitis, is honey. with changing weather in maritime, may be that will help him again. Of course, it’s impossible for us to know if Beans’ issues would have happened regardless of the previous collar use or not. I am not a vet so what seemed to ease them & me may not work for you. So it sort of makes sense that benedryl might help with the symptoms a bit. I will never forget bring him home from the vet and holding him in a blanket while my husband was digging his grave in our backyard. But, today she started with that deep cough, gagging. Once we were able to answer (regretfully) no to all of those questions, we knew it was time. a vet would be last resort as money is real tight right now but if i have to i will. But she doesn’t seem to be in pain so she just lives with the coughing. Regardless; great to read your post. I love my pugs so much I don’t want them suffering. Wishing you and your family good health! It’s good to know I could try a medication if it got worse. Dog gagging is usually paired with a cough (which may come before or after the cough). She still coughs especially if she gets excited or pants. But just like us, when a dogs coughing becomes a constant or recurrent problem it can be a sign of serious illness. I know if I was in a vet’s office I’d want to know why another dog was coughing and that is nice that you explain why to the people around you. He explained that trachea collapse is common in a lot of smaller dog breeds including pugs. After drinking water. Shortly after we brought the pugs home I read up on pug-care and read that harnesses are safer than collars so they have always used a harness if they are going to be attatched to a leash, at least since they have lived with us. Thank you, she’s pretty old but she’s still kickin’ and is still happy so we’re grateful. :). Man is that a scary thing! We’ve had to up the dose only once so far in the past year. At first it was only happening after she ate, so the vet suggested she … I’m thinking this might come with allergies as it happens infrequently. Sorry to hear about your Otis :(. Oh these little puggers, he’s the remaining one of two and I just couldn’t bear to say goodbye yet! Exercise intolerance or reluctance to go for a walk. It was heartbreaking, and i know all too well how difficult that decision is. This info really helps. It's upsetting to see your pug in distress. planning to take him to the vet today and hoping he will have a great holiday time with us this season. She prescribed rimadyl, it is a pain reliever and anti inflammatory. I would advise going in to have his heart checked out, if you haven’t had it checked since his coughing started, because coughing can be heart related issues, as well. A dog … He began coughing a year ago and it’s gotten to a point that he can’t go for much of a walk. I think having three dogs and a cat really takes a toll on their allergies. However, for now we add water to her kibble and let it set for about 5 minutes before serving it to her, to soften the food and that keeps her from coughing or choking at all. When coughing starts, try to calm her down...this always worked with my dog. He seems to respond well to a soothing voice and gentle back stroking which helps him relax and stop coughing. X-rays show her heart is normal size and her trachea is clear. While I wish that Beans didn’t have this issue, it is something we have lived with pretty easily. Our pug is almost 13. She's been treated with antibiotics twice. He’s 15. I have a large family and I adore my nieces and nephews. Been coughing/gagging for a couple years. Sometimes she will have days where she coughs a lot more than others. I give them Benadryl when I am out of the rimadyl. Your dog will widely open their mouth; it’s a throat spasm that makes breathing and swallowing very difficult. Herbal Remedies for Dog Cough . I have two pugs and what you listed sounds like a combination of the issues the two of mine have. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Glad your vet figured out what was going on with your pug Beans. I’m relieved to see this happens with pugs. This widget only shows 8 giveaways. Should you call your veterinarian? I am Emily Evert, the owner of Emily Reviews. Manuka honey, which is usually imported from New Zealand, is the most preferred type of honey. He was on gaberpentin and rimadyl and eventually steroids. I still miss him. It seems like a lot, but it helps. He’s on gabapentin for the nerve pain that comes with that. Collapsed Trachea. Get free ebook here: https://www.veterinarysecrets.com/news/Learn natural ways to deal with kennel cough.Share this video and subscribe (it's free!) vaseline seems to help a little, should i be more concerned, she doesn't seem to be in any respiratory distress. He’s a Min Pin/Manchester Terrier mix. Oil of oregano kills fungus and bacteria that can cause coughing, but don't overdo it — oil of oregano is a "hot" oil that will severely irritate the mucous passages when administered undiluted or in larger quantities. He began coughing a year ago and it’s gotten to a point that he can’t go for much of a walk. Some also have a clear nasal discharge. The trachea consists of rings of cartilage. But I think that just released pressure and the cool air made him perkier. As pugs get older, the coughing can increase without intervention. I have a friend who had a dog who coughed as a result of heart disease and getting fluid in his lungs as a result, and they were able to medicate him for a few years to keep him feeling good. We have an almost 15 year old pug/ Codi. And once he became incontinent we started using diapers on him, but of course they aren’t the most breathable for the skin so we had issues with a rash at first, but the vet suggested a steroid to keep his skin more ‘chill’ in general and since then have had no issues with more rashes, thankfully. My pug Forrest has had a coughing and gagging for years now. Chronic coughing is prolonged and may never go away completely. Our vet said it can happen from the age of 6 usually so I guess Benji is lucky he made it to 12 before it became a problem. Pug Health Problems Related To ... to have breathing difficulties through their noses. Now if she would just let me cut her nails and brush her teeth! i have a pug that recently coughs like she has croup. This is important to note for your vet. I am considering getting an air filter to see if that helps. Menthol in peppermint soothes the throat and acts as a decongestant, helping to break down mucus. Enjoy every day with your Beans! The watering down of the food and having her take prescription cough medicine doesn’t completely stop the coughing, it just reduces it. Hi, I'm new to this forum. Is your dog sick? I am careful to not use cleaning supplies while she is in the room, and to dust and vacuum when she isn’t close by as well. We considered switching to canned food, and we may still do that in the future. I’d love to hear your experience including any tips or tricks for keeping your dog happy and comfortable. Fluid builds up in the lungs over time, and your dog coughs or gags in unsuccessful attempts to bring up the fluid. Good luck with everything! Symptoms of respiratory congestion According to VetInfo: "Dogs suffering respiratory congestion will have trouble breathing, especially when they try to inhale.Breathing may be labored, rapid and shallow." Thanks again. Maybe it is hereditary?? He used to cough only on walks but now it’s when he eats too fast, drinks water, gets too excited, with exercise or barks. Her articles have appeared in the "Palm Beach Times" and she is the author of numerous books published by Hamlyn U.K., including "Healing Reiki" and "Pilates System." My pug has been coughing 4 close to a week and then have gotten a lot worse now I don't know what to give him and he keeps coughing continually especially when he's active compared to when he's laying … read more We decided we needed to put him down. Copyright 2021 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. I like listening to Jason Isbell, John Prine, and other alt-country or Americana music. Can he run? He is very happy to be around my wife and I and he still LOVES food (though we feed him raw and try to keep his weight down). Standard treatments for the condition are cough suppressants, bronchodilators, anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, and sometimes tranquilizers to keep your pug from overexcitement that can bring on a coughing fit. This of course is all down to genetics and (badly) breeding in the shorter snout over many decades. Because of their shortened airways, this condition is harder on pugs than on humans. Still, there are just “bad coughing days” for her. Thank you for your post. I’m hoping to share some of my experiences in raising 4 pugs. To be checked out! The very first diagnosis was cough due to the renovations were doing in our home (made since to me--I had a cough too!). Follow Emily on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram. A pug with asthma usually has a chronic cough. That’s interesting that your vet prescribed hydrocondone, we never were offered that for our pug Beans who has the collapsing trachea issue even though the options we did try never worked out so we’re basically just stuck letting her cough right now. Coughing may be defined as productive or non-productive. His brother (who I talk about in my previous post) is 14. xo, Our Otis pug was diagnosed with a collapsed trachea when he was about 11 years old. The first two vets think his trachea is beginning to collapse. We’ve seen a couple of vets for the coughing and they listen to her neck/throat area with a stethoscope and her chest with a stethoscope as well and are able to determine that way whether the source is heart or throat, so it’s a fairly quick and easy visit. Your pugs are old and look so sweet like mine. They took some blood work, and listened to her heart to rule out a few other possibilities. When she’s just hanging out, she doesn’t cough most days. She tends to have coughing fits when she gets up from laying down, when she gets really excited (which she does every night when we get ready for bed…she LOVEs going to bed, lol), or if we pick her up. We were told that trachea collapse (which causes the coughing) is more common in small dog breeds including pugs so I do think that is a big part of it. She may also have an enlarged esophagus so I hold her up right after eating. And, his spirits are up and high (we fee so fortunate for that), even though he has started coughing quite a bit. Can he play? There are a few different reasons why your pug could be vomiting after drinking water, including: Mar 4, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Jackie Reed. Laura K. 1 decade ago. A significant number of pugs are affected by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Your dog may have congestive heart failure. If coughing becomes severe, contact your veterinarian. Hi there! If your pug starts coughing, listen to him, then take him to the vet. Will have to see if we can get our vet to let us try some other options. Today it is very bad and we are going for an emergency appointment with our vet. My other pug Mijo has it as well. He’s also slowed down and lost a lot of stamina, especially in warmer weather–in the past view months–much shorter walks than even a few months ago–and the gagging and wheezing at the same time has been going on for about a month at the most. A natural remedy for Kennel Cough is PetAlive KC-Defense - Keeps Healthy Lungs Clear (20g) ... Puppy Coughing is one of the symptoms, but other symptoms include fever and change in mood, lack of appetite and loss of energy. I put her on an antibiotic and cough suppressant Sunday to be safe as I was worrrid she might have a respiratory infection. The characteristics of a dog's cough help us to determine its cause. So their respiratory systems are working harder and you hear more of the coughing and gagging. Hi. Useful herbs that can be used to effectively soothe and manage coughing in dogs include: Mullein: Mullein is good for dry coughs such as kennel cough or chronic recurring coughs. We find stressful to see him cough, but then, when it comes to morning and evening food time, one just must see his enthusiasm to know that he is alright! Will keep you posted. Some days it does seem worse than others but on good days he is like a puppy again and very playful. Anyway, I can understand how heavy all of that can be, but I also completely understand how it is well worth it when they’re such a special part of your life. We’re as much of the center of his world as he is ours. As its name suggests, boarding kennels, grooming salons, and places where dogs hang out in groups are often sources of the infection. It doesn’t seem to come from doing anything and it’s not frequent enough that we’d ever be able to reproduce it for the vet but I would hope it’s not anything like what Beans is experiencing. Then my Frank got wobbly in his back end a little over a year ago and that has progressed to where he’s been unable to walk for about 8 months now, and totally paralyzed for the last few months. I have two pugs 15 and 11. That didn’t help her stop gagging. You need to take him to a vet, who will examine his windpipe using various diagnostic tools such as a fluoroscope, X-ray and endoscope. Such a precious boy he was! Bailey is on a harness always for walks, no collar for him! After the exercise, let your pug cool down for at least 30 minutes before letting them eat. We’re in Norcal and usually have dry hot summers, but this week has been unusually humid. Oliver, the older pug has been gagging now for a couple of months. Is your dog coughing as if it is clearing his throat, in order to get rid of frustrating hair that might be irritating him? The other 2 girls aged 13 and 11 are fine. My dog is a 13 yr old pug who has a narrow trachea. She’s 16 now. She is fawn and sheds much more than the black pugs. By the time he was 13 the coughing (sometimes choking) was to the point his quality of life was poor. Thanks for posting about this Emily. While the medication helps a lot, it doesn’t prevent her from ever coughing. We had just used the collars from the beginning because we thought, better safe than sorry. We’ve had conversations multiple times about how we know when ‘its time’, it’s such a difficult and personal decision. I know sometimes when it’s sudden it’s the result of a trachea injury but I have no idea if it happens suddenly without an injury as well, or not. He would bark constantly if we left the room. I am definitely going to ask about tracheal collapse. His legs started to be weak, then over the course of time we was unable to use his back legs at all. Gagging, Coughing, Heaving and Retching – What’s The Difference? You can benefit by drinking peppermint tea or … Such a hard time. Almost two years ago I noticed that my senior pug Beans was gagging after she would eat. She holds a Master of Arts in informational studies from London University. We’ve always used harnesses. Wondering if that triggered the heightened effect. I try to explain to everyone who sees her that while she coughs a lot when they see her, she doesn’t always cough that way, and that we are treating her condition. I will try to make it as happy/ comfortable as I can. Vaccine Reactions. And in recent years, it has become popular to supplement the honey with coconut oil since it contains fatty acids that can help your dog recover faster. Slowly over time we noticed her coughing more frequently throughout the day. He would do it when he wakes up, or after getting excited, or after a good belly rub. We bought a slow feed bowl to help her eat slower, and that did help a little bit but she still gagged some. I have a 15 year old pug that is going through the same thing Beans is going through. He was so sad, so agitated. In affected pugs the cartilage is weaker than usual, and over time normal breathing flattens the rings, causing narrowing or collapse. i have videos of the coughing if anyone is interested. i do have a feather bed, and i think she might have one in her throat, is there a home remedy i can try? Both have helped. The coughing wears him out on some days. She had been on the same food for years, but we decided to try one that is specifically for small dogs and comes in really small kibble pieces. I am sending you love and light as it’s so hard to watch your fur baby decline in this way. Never used collars and only used harnesses in public. At its most basic, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is an obstructed airway, with coughing, wheezing and gurgling sounds as typical symptoms. I have a 14 year old pug going on 15 now named Frank. I think our senior corgi mix might have this too. For example, she would cough after playing or getting excited/panting. Typical signs are a high-pitched, honking cough if your pug's vocal chords are swollen, or a dry, hacking cough.